Climate activisists with science banner at protest
Jiayu Liang/UCS

The Climate Campaign for the Future

Safety, justice, and wellbeing, no matter the temperature.

Safety, justice, and wellbeing, no matter the temperature.

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The fight for a safe, livable climate is happening right now, amidst worsening odds. Despite recent gains, the fossil fuel industry and their deep-pocketed allies continue to block the climate action we all need.

But the future is far from lost. In this moment, activists just like you are working together to transform their communities, so that people and places can thrive no matter what our climate future holds.

What does transformation look like? Safe, energy-efficient, affordable housing that’s built to last. Clean energy and transportation systems that equitably serve community needs. Cohesive, connected neighborhoods that safely weather new climate disasters.

It’s a world beyond surviving. It’s a world with drastically lower carbon emissions, rebuilt for safety, justice, and well-being, where people can thrive. That's the world—the future—we're fighting for. You can help.

What we’re doing

Climate resilience encompasses everything from the reliability of our electric grid, to the sustainability of our food systems, to access to clean, safe drinking water. Together with activists and supporters, we are:

  1. Producing science that supports the needs and demands of people affected by climate change—and using our influence to get the science in front of decision makers.
  2. Crafting, lobbying, and advocating for urgent near-term and transformational long-term climate solutions.
  3. Amplifying the voices and priorities of those affected first and worst

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